Toptech Security thrives to deliver superior and consistent customer service to each and every one of our customers. We invite you to take a closer look at Toptech Security, our commitment, values and reputation. We are confident you will find unmatched solutions that are fair, equitable and competitive.



Our vision is to see all our customers needs met through our excellent services.



Toptech Security Limited will recognise the Value and Need of every customer and constantly motivate and inspire employees to deliver the best possible service through commitment to excellence.



We will maintain up to date report which will be monitored and evaluated regulary to enhance the quality of our services.

Not every officer is Toptech material. Our standards are high. We will not hire individuals that cannot meet your specific requirements. We will not hire individuals with undesirable drug or criminal backgrounds.


We will not hire individuals with bad employment records or other problems. The problems of these unacceptable applicants should not become your problems. Whether you need commercial-residential security services or an integrated premises protection program for multiple locations, we have the experience, versatility and resources to handle all of your security needs.